Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coming Soon - "Coaches In The Locker Room" Video Series

Cincinnati Fit Club is; excited about the upcoming Video Series "Coaches In The Locker Room". You will have the opportunity to post questions, and we will mix it up with fun & motivational discussions-- while getting right down to the course of business! How do I make a life long change?

Cincinnati Fit Club is about you. It is our mission to help one person at a time, and bring this opportunity to everyone in America wanting to make a change, while at the crossroads.

It isn't an easy journey, change never is. Sticking out the course along the way, many start, few finish. Our goal, to see you stay on path, staying the course.

Join us on FaceBook and visit our blog, as Cincinnati Fit Club Challenges America, and as we grow into other cities.

Updated information "Coaches In The Locker Room", coming your way soon!

Cincinnati Fit Club Coaches

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