Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Journey Starts Today! Let's Do This!!

It’s early morning. I am just finish my first week of another round of P90X, with daily runs! It is a cold morning, as the light is starting to come through my window. I feel energy from the workout, and excitement for starting a new Journey. I love the feeling of accomplishment and the endorphins running through my body. It is tough, and I've decide to move forward. That’s right, I do not take pleasure in getting up before the crack of dawn, but it works.

I've struggled with fitness and staying consistent due to Corporate America pulling my time away. I want to stay the course, and I am motivated to keep moving. You see, I am like the majority of Americans, find a book store, sit and read, watch TV at night, escape from the stresses of the day and job. Each evening (I worked nights), I would awake, rush around without breakfast, find the closest Starbucks, spend $4.5 a day on 2 large Ice Teas. For Lunch, I grab potato chips, junk food, come home stressed from my job, go through my nightly routine.

So here I am, focused and ready to do what it takes over the next months to get lean and fit! My dream is only beginning, and so excited about the future.

I became a Coach (or Business Owner) with Team BeachBody, as I have a passion for helping others, but wanted to take care of me-- both financially and physically. The dream is there-- this journey is going to take me forward, with success I didn't think possible. Yes, I am glad the extra motivation is there, to get up early, push play and go for a run. It is there, because I became a Coach, and now that I am on a journey to better health and fitness, I am helping others do the same.

I would like to ask that you join me. Become a Business owner with Team BeachBody. The start up costs, and minimum monthly fees, are replaced by the 25% discounts you get on the BeachBody nutritional products. It is a wash, to me, I didn't have to think twice, as doing this would change me, and is a cheaper cost than spending $4.5 at Starbucks; and best yet, you get to earn a weekly pay check for your efforts!

LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER, START TODAY. Check out the information- Become a Coach Today!

Coach Cooker

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