Sunday, March 6, 2011

Can I run a 5K-Marathon Utilizing a BeachBody® Program

Answer- Absolutely Yes, and you may be surpised with the results! But first, there are some items to consider!

1. What Program? Depends on you and your goals. A serious 5K - marathon runner may select Insanity®, or TurboFire®,  as these programs will push you to higher cardio levels, and actually works nicely for an individual wanting to improve PRs.  Someone just starting an exercise program, can make a choice from any of the programs, and there are programs for all abilities. Again, depends on your goals, and current fitness level,

2. After Selection Completed- When you have completed the selection of one of the programs, you need to
*A. Set Realistic Goals- write them down and post where you can see them daily.
**B. Have a Plan- you've selected one of the BeachBody® programs, you will receive a plan for this
***C. Monitor Progress- log your workouts & personal information
****D. Get Support- find a success partner or coach that can assist or encourage you along the way.

*Depending on your fitness level or experience, everyone's goals will differ. For individuals that have never walked or ran 3.1 miles, the goal may be to finish. For others who have already completed any distance, will look at their previous times and focus on a specific time goal. The key, needs to be specific to you and realistic.

**You've selected one of the BeachBody®,  programs, that will suit your personal time availability and fitness goals. Follow the plan, and stick with it. With this selection, you will still want to include a walking or running program. This can include a run or walk program- 2- 3 days a week to 7 days a week, depending on your goal & abilities. When selecting a program, include this in your plan. Having a meal plan is extremely important- 80% of weight loss or improved fitness is based on diet. BeachBody® will provide tools for you to determine a meal plan free.

Note- Receiving basic advice concerning your running or walk workouts can help- Contact, and we will provide Free Coaching-- from an experienced College
Track & Cross Country Coach.

***Monitoring your progress from day one is extremely important. BeachBody® will provide on-line and progress tools to do this. This helps to keep you motivated along the way, as you will see results. You will also have access to WOWY® Gym, you can log your workouts free, track, and actually are entered in a daily drawing for a prize!

****There are many ways to gain support, from a success partner, personal trainer, Coach, family, as examples, but it  is extremely important to have support. With BeachBody®,  you will receive on-line support, and there are Fit Clubs in many areas that are Free. Key, find support! When you DECIDE to do this, you now have to Commit to the plan or program. Success will come, but is helps to have encouragement along the way! BeachBody® has Free on-line Coach support. The Coaches will help you along the way to stay motivated, open Chat-Lines where you can ask questions along the way, and complete on-line fitness & nutritional help. FINDING SUPPORT IS KEY, as 95% of individuals starting a program quit!

5. Contact your Physicain- Remember, having support, tips for training, help, and programs to utilize are great, and help guide you along the way. Always visit your Physician prior to starting a fitness program, and concerning physical health and physical limitations.

6. In Summary- With the BeachBody® Fitness programs, you will push your fitness level up another notch, and save time/money. Working out right in your Home is a great place to get ready for the next Road Race in your area!

For additional information concerning running and racing visit Sponsor of Fit Club.

Note- written by Fit Club, and its contents do not necessarily state or reflect Beachbody's opinions.
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