Monday, March 28, 2011

"Health Care Alternative" Cut Health Care Costs!!

With the Health Care System Crippling Individuals, Businesses and Countries, there is a Healthy Solution! Although this solution will not eliminate Health Care costs, but will help in controlling them.

Accepting the premise that regular exercise and diet can play a key role in reducing your risk of medical problems and in decreasing your ultimate costs for health care is critical!

Unfortunately, many fail to recognize the extraordinary benefits of exercise in the prevention of medical problems!

Any listing of the medical problems and health-related conditions that can be at least partially treated and controlled by exercise would be extensive. Here are just a few examples:

* Allergies- Exercise is one of the body's most efficient ways to control nasal congestion (and the accompanying discomfort of restricted nasal blood flow)

* Anxiety- Exercise triggers the release of mood-altering chemicals in the brain.

* Arthritis- By forcing a skeletal joint to move, exercise induces the manufacture of synovial fluid, helps to distribute it over the cartilage and forces it to circulate through-out the joint space.

* Back Pain- Exercise helps to both strengthen the abdominal muscles and the lower back extensor muscles and stretch the hamstring muscles.

* Bursitis and Tendonitis- Exercise can strengthen the tendons -- enabling them to handle greater loads without being injured.

* Cancer- Exercise helps maintain ideal bodyweight and helps keep body fat to a minimum.

* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- Exercise helps build up the muscles in the wrists and fore-arms -- thereby reducing the stress on arms, elbows, and hands.

* Cholesterol-
Exercise helps to raise HDL (the "good" cholesterol) levels in the blood and lower LDL (the undesirable lipoprotein) levels.

* Depression- Exercise helps speed metabolism and deliver more oxygen to the brain; the improved level of circulation in the brain tends to enhance your mood.

* Diabetes-
Exercise helps lower excess blood sugar levels, strengthen muscles and heart, improve circulation, and reduce stress.

* Fatigue- Exercise can help alleviate the fatigue-causing effects of stress, poor circulation and blood oxygenation, bad posture, and poor breathing habits.

* Glaucoma- Exercise helps relieve intraocular hypertension -- the pressure buildup on the eyeball that heralds the onset of glaucoma.

* Headaches- Exercise helps force the brain to secrete more of the body's opiate-like, pain-dampening chemicals (e.g., endorphins and enkephalins).

* Heart Disease- Exercise helps promote many changes that collectively lower the risk of heart disease -- a decrease in body fat, a decrease in LDL, and increase in the efficiency of the heart and lungs, a decrease in blood pressure and lowered heart rate.

* High Blood Pressure- Exercise reduces the level of stress-related chemicals in the bloodstream that constrict arteries and veins, increases the release of endorphins, raises the level of HDL in the bloodstream, lowers resting heart rate (over-time), improves the responsiveness of blood vessels (over-time), and helps reduce blood pressure through bodyweight maintenance.

* Insomnia- Exercise helps reduce muscular tension and stress.

* Intermittent Claudication- Exercise helps improve peripheral circulation and increases pain tolerance.

* Knee Problems- Exercise helps strengthen the structures attendant to the knee -- muscles, tendons and ligaments -- thereby facilitating the ability of the knee to with-stand stress.

* Lung Disease- Exercise helps strengthen the muscles associated with breathing and helps boost the oxygen level in the blood.

* Memory Problems- Exercise helps to improve cognitive ability by increasing the blood and oxygen flow to the brain.

* Osteoporosis- Exercise is an appetite suppressant. It also increases metabolic rate, burns fat, increases lean muscle mass and improves self-esteem

* Varicose Veins-
Exercise can help control the level of discomfort caused by existing varicose veins and help prevent getting additional varicose veins.

Are the positive effects that result from exercising regularly worth the required effort? ABSOLUTELY! In countless ways, your life may depend on it. The metoric rise of health care and health problems makes it even more beneficial.

Diet plays a major role in getting healthy, as with exercise. There are many ways to obtain information on improving your diet. There are many Free programs you can find on-line, and/or if you fit club, and we can guide you to a Free .

Note- An exercise program should only begin after obtaining clearance to do so and/or instructions from attending qualified medical profession. The benefits of exercising and improved diet will allow for future healthier living!



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