Thursday, March 10, 2011


Meet Jack C!

  Jack is very active at 77 years old. He helps out with his son's business, walks everyday, and keeps on the move. He enjoys heading to the 5K runs on the weekends, and hanging out with buddies. Even with this extremely active life style, Jack, a 5 bypass Heart Surgery Survivor had high cholesterol. He was introduced Shakeology, skeptic at first, but decided to give it a try.

After a 3 day cleanse and his weight dropped by 8 pounds, he replaced one meal a day, and continued his busy schedule. After 3 months and 18 pounds gone, Jack entered a 5K, a race he has completed every year since 1980. To his surprise, he improved his time by over 2 minutes, since turning 70!

Next Jack went to the Doctor for his normal scheduled visit. With having a pace maker, he has regular visits. The news came in, for the first time his doctor was amazed at the drop in his cholesteral! His doctor continued to monitor results, and now, since he started with cholesterol medicine in the 1980s, he is free of this medicine.

Congratulatons Jack- See you at the races!


Fit Club is extremely pleased with the results that continue to come in from Shakeology, that we would like to give you a sample to try for free. We want to see other Success Stories, and hear back from you! It costs us about $5 to send out a sample packet for 2 shakes. The only requirement that we ask, that you join  Team BeachBody as a Free Member. We will send you the free sample right away, including paying to mail. Just click the Free Shakeology picture on this blog, and it will take you right to a simple form to fill out- claim your free membership to Team BeachBody and receive your free sample. We will also include a great recipe card, and other information, you will receive a free fitness profile, with Free Coaching, videos, fitness tips, on-line WOWY Gym (you can enter to win $300-$1000 daily, and other great tools Free!

See other Success Stories & Learn more about Shakeology by watching the Doctor's Video

                                            COMPARISONS AND COSTS- SHAKEOLOGY



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