Friday, March 25, 2011

Summer Tips - Food - Fitness - Traveling

Summer is approaching, kids will be out of school, summer vacations coming up.

Tips on Food - Exercise While Traveling

It is important to provide balanced, nutritious meals for your children throughout the summer. Unfortunately, summertime can pose challenges to the family food budget because children are eating more meals at home.

If all meals are provided at home, here are some tips to help keep costs down:

Choose a variety of healthy foods so children don’t get bored with the same foods.

1 Try sandwich wraps with meat and veggies inside, fresh and canned fruits for sweetness and nutrition, and low-fat milk to round out the meal.

2. Choose whole grains, which help you feel full. Whole-grain cereals and breads are great for breakfast and lunch, and oatmeal raisin cookies provide staying power.

3. Choose new, interesting or favorite vegetables from a local farmer’s market. Vegetables have lots of nutrients and fiber to help you feel full. Have vegetables washed, cut and ready in the refrigerator to add to meals or to eat as snacks.

4. Drink lots of water — water cools us off and hydrates the body.
Use caution with low-nutrient foods like chips, snack cakes, cookies, soda and juice drinks. These foods can be very expensive, but not very satisfying.

5. Let your children help plan meals and snacks so they can have some of their favorite foods. Planning ahead can really save money in your food budget.

6. Enjoy the foods of summer — blueberries, strawberries, peaches, watermelons and fresh garden veggies are always a treat.

Dining Out? Eat Well.

Tips to healthfully navigate a restaurant’s menu.

Try a thin crust pizza
Ask for less cheese
More veggies and less meat
Order a personal pizza or take home a doggie bag
Pick out a side salad

Select entrees with marina sauce
Limit Alfredo and white sauces
Pick ground beef over sausage

Go easy on garlic and cheesy bread
Ask for whole-wheat bread or another whole-grain
Use butter sparingly
Fill up with your entrée not the bread basket

Steamed rice is best
Go grilled verses breaded or crispy
Opt for veggie-filled dishes or steamed vegetables
Ask for sauces on the side
Split large entrees or save some for later

Skip the cheese on burgers
Ask for specials sauces on the side
Opt for small fries
Order single-patty burgers
Pick out toppings such as tomatoes, lettuce, onions and mushrooms
Choose grilled and baked over crispy and breaded
Limit gravies, creams and butter
Select a side salad or other veggie

Go lean with chicken or turkey
Limit sauces such as mayonnaise
Use less cheese
Load up on the veggies such as lettuce, onions, tomatoes, sprouts, mushrooms and your favorites
Choose whole-grain bread

Pile on a variety of colors
Go easy on the dressing
Limit creamy pasta salads and dressings
Pick grilled lean meats such as turkey or chicken

Exercise Before and During Travel Time

1. Stretch your entire body. Do this as often as possible.

2. Find open periods of time to stretch and walk about.

3. Run or walk quickly between airport terminals or into rest areas and restaurants.

4. Climb the stairs.

5. Squeeze your gluteus maximus muscles.

6. Raise your arms over your head.

7. Do punches.

In the Hotel or Place of Overnight Stay

1. Check for a gym or pool. If they do have such amenities, swim some laps or use their equipment for a good workout.

2. Use your resistance bands in place of your usual weights.

3. Place a towel on the floor and do sit-ups and push-ups.

4. Run or walk the halls.

5. Climb the hotel stairs.

6. Jump rope in the room or in the hotel parking lot.

7. Do jumping jacks.

8. Bring along your BeachBody Fitness DVDs

Vacation is a time for fun, relaxing, and letting off steam. Keep it healthy, fun, and enjoy! Healthy eating and exercise, will help you get over the office blues, and back into action when you return!


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