Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Healthy Living! Five Simple Steps as We Age!

Don’t Smoke – Number One for good reason. Causes cancer, hardens arteries, ages skin and leads to cardiovascular disease.

Resistance Exercise- Aerobics are good for the heart and respiratory systems but resistance or weight training fights Sarcopenia, the sagging skin, stooped posture and loss of coordination that comes with aging.

Eat your veggies (and fruit too) or Drink YOUR SHAKEOLOGY! Vegetables and fruits contain antioxidants that aid in preventing heart disease and cancer, lower blood pressure and slow aging. Berries, broccoli and tomatoes are the best sources for antioxidants. Thank goodness for one serving of Shakeology daily, as it contains veggies and fruits = FIVE TRIPS TO THE SALAD BAR!

Manage stress and anxiety. Learn to Let Go and Let God. If we’re honest with ourselves and take a look back at our lives we can see that a lot of the things that we worried so much about in the past either didn’t happen or seemed to work themselves out in the end. That’s one advantage of getting older. We have a history to reflect on and learn from. Regular Exercise with friends and family can pull the stress levels WAY DOWN! Better yet, joining groups that support each other is absolutely a STRESS REDUCER! Team Beachbody offers Free or small fee fit clubs around the Southern Ohio area, and across the Nation! Join the Group!

Maintain and develop solid personal relationships. One of the key indicators of growing old unhappily is withdrawal and isolation. It’s insidious and can feed on itself. Left alone with our own thoughts the world can become a lonely, dark and scary place. Get out, have a few laughs, take a class.

Being a Team Beachbody Coach has it's benefits! Allows for consistent interaction with positive and healthy people. Look around you today, and the individuals that you surround yourself with, influence you more than you think.

Check out our website, and Fit Club sites- and join me for Healthy living forward!

Team Beachbody Coach Website- http://www.teambeachbody.com/dcook Darlene

Team Beachbody Coach Website- http://www.teambeachbody.com/fitextreme Don

Ultimate Fitness Team P90X Fit Club - http://www.wix.com/teamripped7/p90x Super Saturday is June 25th West Chester, Ohio!

Choice is yours! You can take the small steps daily, that will help you along the way, and with GREAT SUPPORT from Team Beachbody Coaches helping pay it forward! Join me, and let's take care of us-- pay it forward helping others!

Leading 1000s starts with leading ONE!

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