Monday, June 20, 2011

P90X Team Beachbody Ready to Explode! 10 Reasons!

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1. Ignite Your Summer: Success Club Team Challenge
Pick your starting five, a team captain, and take your team straight to the top. The challenge runs from July 1 – August 31st, 2011.
Teams MUST be registered by June 30, 2011. The Success Club Team Challenge is the ultimate opportunity to join forces with four other Coaches and explode your business growth! This friendly 8-week competition will help you maximize the Game Plan and compete for sweet prizes like Success Club points, an advance in coach rank, boosted retailing and recruiting numbers, iPads®, free Summit tickets, and so on!

2. FREE Coaching for Active Military Members
Let's recognize our troops! Introducing an exciting new Military Program for Active Military Members who want to become Coaches:
Starting now, we'll waive the Business Starter Kit fee ($39.95), plus the monthly Business Service Fees, for all Active Members of the military for the entire duration of their service! Active Members of the Military who are currently Coaches are also eligible for the program and may apply to have their fees waived. Got questions? Read the FAQ's for a complete overview of the program!

3. All Bets Are on for Summit 2012, We're Goin' to Vegas!
Because the planning never stops, and our Events Team never sleeps…
VEGAS, BABY! Yep, you heard it here first, folks! Coach Summit 2012 is going to be at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. We're shootin' for 7,500 Coaches. Seriously. SAVE $100 on the early bird rate through June 27th, 2011. Hurry while they last! More info / Get tickets

4. The NEW Beachbody Challenge (win $100K!)
It's the Million Dollar Body Game®--Reinvented! Starts August 1, 2011.
So many prizes. Such little time:
o Commit to Get Fit and be eligible to win $100,000.00! Two winners.
o Coaches nominated by each $100,000.00 winner will win $20,000.00.
o Each finalist will take home $25,000.00.
o Coaches nominated by each finalist will win $5,000.00
o $500.00 daily prizes
o $1,000.00 monthly prizes
o $500 monthly prizes for Coaches nominated by the $1,000.00 winner ONLY

Team Beachbody members can participate. Team Beachbody members can participate by submitting a Success Story, OR ―Commit to Get Fit‖ with a Beachbody program and submit your ultimate results. Keep an eye on for more info to come

5. Success Club Heads to the Bahamas in 2012
Atlantis Luxury Resort on Paradise Island—March 21 – 25, 2012
The 2011 "Scout it Out" winners have spoken, and Team Beachbody® is hitting the Bahamas next year! It's far beyond your wildest imagination. Atlantis really does exist. So kick your business into overdrive, revisit the Game Plan, and earn yourself the trip of a lifetime to Paradise Island! Atlantis Luxury Resort |Paradise Islands, Bahamas When: March 21 – 25, 2012 How to qualify

6. New Shakeology® Flavor—TROPICAL!
It's true. Soon, Shakeology's dynamic duo of Chocolate and Greenbery will become an all-out love triangle.
Get psyched to study some Tropicology! That’s right—Shakeology's new long-awaited flavor has been unveiled: TROPICAL! The new flavor brings the taste of summer vacation home. It’s perfect for the warm weather and those who love to wake up to a refreshing fruit smoothie. The Tropical flavor profile: pineapple, papaya, and banana Stay tuned for more details on the new flavor… Plenty to come!

7. Get Schooled at the NEW Coach Training Academy Become the best Coach you can be. On your watch! Launches Monday, June 20th, 2011
o Click the banner on the homepage of your Coach Online Office This revolutionary business-training system will put you on the fast-track to Coaching excellence and is 100% online—so you can hone your skills at your convenience! The Coach Training Academy will launch with the "Basics" course, which is comprised of TWO sections:

o Business Essentials (getting acquainted, setting up your Web site, and maximizing, the Coach Online Office, and the compensation plan)

o Game Plan Core Activities (a detailed set of trainings based on each of the 6 Game Plan points)

o Many more courses to come, stay tuned!

You can ONLY access the Academy from your Coach Online Office. To find it, log in, highlight the "News & Training" menu, and click "Coach Training Academy".

8. P90X2: Bigger. Badder. Better. Bring It!
The sequel to the best-selling, best-results fitness program ever is on its way. Are you ready?
Yep. It's coming. A natural extension of its revolutionary predecessor, P90X2 paves the way for the future of exercise science and will blow minds across the world. 14 new, cutting edge workouts and an enhanced nutrition plan. Discover the many new phases of P90X2, and what is being referred to as a ―PAP workout.‖ Stay tuned.

9. New Web Tools!
Find a LIVE Fit Club
Coaches can now promote their Fit Clubs on the homepage! 1,000's of visitors can easily search over 300 Fit Clubs by zip code—or the number of miles they are willing to travel. ONLY Coaches are able to submit and host a Fit Club. For more information and to submit YOUR event, stop by the events page in your Coach Online Office and follow the simple instructions!
WOWY® Gets a Facelift
Calendar colors in days to show workouts completed. Coming Soon in Phase

2: Suggested buddies based on primary workout program and fitness goals. Coming Soon in Phase 2: See what members have been up to with the new "Recent Member Activity Feed" Coming Soon in Phase 2: Share your WOWY workouts on Facebook and Twitter.

Find Buddies/Member Gallery Revamp

This summer, we’re updating the layout and design to make it easier for members to:

o find people they already know

o find new buddies who share the same interests

Improvements to Online Workout Groups

Share a status message with your group members. View ―Group Superstars‖ who have completed the most WOWY workouts. Group message boards enable discussions between group members. Ability to share groups on Facebook and Twitter.

10. Beachbody® to Welcome Tai Chi to the Family
A new program from Beachbody using the time-proven physical art of Tai Chi for a complete wellness solution.
We're still in the preliminary stages of creation, but get ready for a revolution Stay tuned for news, leaks, and more info!

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