Thursday, August 11, 2011

We Want YOU To Get Fit and Healthy ~ Chance To Win $100,000 and Other Prizes!

We want to Coach YOU, and Pay it Forward! HOW EXCITING IS IT! Get rid of the high Gym Memberships, Receive Free Coaching, and a Chance to Win Prizes for your effort. Complete online support, diet and nutritional guide, and great motivation! Give us a call ~ 513-748-3635, and Let's get started TODAY!

JOIN TODAY ~ CLICK THE BEACHBODY CHALLENGE PICTURE TO THE RIGHT and Gain Support Every Step of the Way! Watch the Video and Check out the Details!

What's The Beachbody Challenge™? It's a health and fitness transformation competition. Commit to get fit and share the results you achieve with any Beachbody® program. You'll automatically get a free wristband, a free T-shirt, or BOTH! If your transformation is selected as the BEST in your age and gender category (18 – 29, 30 – 39, 40 – 49, 50+) you could win up to $100,000! Ready to win? Here's how to enter: STEP 1: SUBMIT YOUR RESULTS — get a FREE T-SHIRT
Got results from your Beachbody program? It's time to submit your transformation story. Send us your "before" and "after" photos, transformation stats, and tell us your story. We'll give you a FREE T-SHIRT and you'll have a chance to win additional prizes. YOU CAN WIN up to $100,000! If your entry is selected as the top transformation in your age and gender category for the month in which you entered, you'll win $5,000 and a shot at the Grand Prize. Plus you'll have a chance to win: •Daily Prizes: $500 just for writing your transformation story and taking your before and after picture! •Quarterly Prizes: $5,000 and an expenses-paid trip •Bonus prizes for drinking Shakeology® during your transformation. Ready to WIN? Enter now ~ Link Top Right Hand Side of the Article If you would like to try a free sample of Shakeology, Click the Free Sample of Shakeology to the right. Great Beachbody Challenge Packs to get you fit and healthy. Click the Beachbody Challenge Pack Below with Free Coaching and a Free ONLINE Website to track your progress, Write YOUR Story, and Connect with me for free Coaching!

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