Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Wow! New Turbo Fire Workouts Are Here!"

Wow! Just heard on the National Coach Call that Chalene's Turbo Fire Challenge Pack is a #1 Seller at Beachbody! What's more, there's a new release, called Fire Starter! It's designed to be low impact, for those who don't want to jump, but who want intense results! If you're just starting out, this is slower & will teach you how to do the Workout. So, I'd recommend Fire Starter, for the customer who's just starting out. This program doesn't sacrifice intensity or results. It will also appeal to those who are doing Turbo Fire. It's great that now you can have success with your Workout Program on Day 1! This program is also good for those days that you may be sore or slow it down, without the jumping, but moving forward to get the results you expect. The Workouts are available in my Coach Online Office. If you would like to listen to the Recorded National Coach call which features Chalene Johnson, please dial: (832)-225-5065.

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