Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beachbody Challenge Fitness and Nutritional Packs! Discounted!

Click Become a Beachbody Coach - 25% additional Discount forward and Coach Fees are Waived. Start the Beachbody Challenge with a Fitness and Nutritional Challenge Pack. Info Below: The 2012 Beachbody Summit is just around the corner, June 21st to June 24th! My husband and I are flying to Las Vegas, as Beachbody Coaches to enjoy the time with Fitness Stars and over 5000 Coaches! Looking to take the Beachbody Challenge? Not only will you lose weight, but you will get in the best shape of your life! I am offering Discounted Beachbody Challenge Packs, so much cheaper than if you buy P90X and the nutritional products off the TV. Check out the Beachbody Challenge Video, and check out the Challenge Packs! You can win money for your efforts!! Check out the Fitness Programs - Make a Choice - Start today with great discounts!! You cannot buy the same products off the Informercial from TV! Everything You Need to Succeed The Beachbody Challenge Packs provide the tools you need to achieve your health and fitness goals at a significant savings off the retail price. Each Challange Pack includes one of Beachbody's amazing at-home fitness programs, a 30-day supply of Shakeology, a 30-day trial membership in the Team Beachbody® Club, Plus Free Shipping. In addition, for those that want to become a coach and use their fitness to earn an income, the initial coach sign-up fee of $39.99 is waived with the Challenge Pack...................................................................... These bundles are perfect because they provide the fitness and the nutrition along with the accountability and support. I have written many articles about how much I love P90X and many of the other fitness programs, but you cannot be successful at these programs without incorporating the nutrition and accountability into your program. Shakeology provides a solid foundation to base your nutrition with over 70 healthy and nutrient rich ingredients. Weather you are looking to build muscle or lose weight Shakeology is a key component to a healthy diet. Finally, the accountibility and support is what ties the whole program together. With the Team Beachbody message boards and my own small personal challenge groups, you always have someone to check in with and who will check on you if you are not keeping up on your commitment................................................................. If you order a challenge pack from me I will become your personal Team Beachbody coach to help you reach your health and fitness goals. You will have the opportunity to join one of my personal Challange Groups of 4-5 people where we help to motivate, support, and hold each other accountable as we all walk the fitness journey together. I personally think that this combination of fitness, nutrition, and accountability is one of the best ways to reach your health and fitness goals....................................................................... Beachbody Challange Packs cost either $160, $180, or $205 depending on the program. This price is a significant savings off the retail price of these items separately. If you compare this to the cost of a gym membership, home fitness equipment, weight watchers, or a host of other alternatives, you can see that it is an incredible value. Plus if you sign up as a Team Beachbody Coach on my team your initial coach fees will be waived and you will receive a 25% discount on all purchases going forward. So what are you waiting for? Pick your program, pick your flavor, and let's get to work! -------------------------------- $205 Challenge Packs: P90X2 Challenge Pack P90X Challenge Pack Insanity Challenge Pack Turbo Fire Challenge Pack ------------------------------- $180 Challenge Packs: 10 Minute Trainer Challenge Pack Rev Abs Challenge Pack Chalean Extreme Challenge Pack Insanity Asylum Challenge Pack Body Gospel Challenge Pack -------------------------------------$160 Challenge Packs: Turbo Jam Challenge Pack Power 90 Challenge Pack Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack Slim in 6 Challenge Pack Hip Hop Abs Challenge Pack " Go to my Coach Sign up page, and you will receive an additional 25% discount on future nutritional products! You will be able to select the challenge pack of your choice, after completing the one page form. Call me direct, at 513-748-3635 if you have questions or email me at

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