Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Starting an Exercise Routine Helps Keep Depression At Bay! Many people struggle to find the energy to exercise. For someone with depression, committing to an exercise routine can be even tougher, since a lack of motivation and low energy levels are classic symptoms of depression. I recommend starting the day with Chocolate Shakeology, & it's available to order at www.shakeology.com/dcook If you would like to try a FREE sample packet, please contact me, & I will send one out to you, on my dime. Shakeology will boost your day with energy. You will feel better, & look better~even lose weight. Shakeology has over 80 Super Foods; it's all natural; & only 140 Calories. It's my healthiest meal of the day! Then I'm ready to exercise! Fitness is 80% Diet & Nutrition, & 20% Exercise. Try these tips to find the motivation and energy to start and maintain an exercise routine: Work out with company. Finding a workout buddy or joining an exercise program can be a great motivator, Nelson says. Since people with depression tend to withdraw socially, the social interaction will provide an additional benefit. Start slowly and work your way up. Recognizing your fitness level and setting small, realistic goals is very important for keeping a positive attitude about exercise. Trying to do too much too soon — and being unsuccessful — can be a huge step backward for people with depression. Whereas, gradually building your strength and reaching your goals can create a sense of satisfaction. "Do your best & forget the rest," is P90X Creator, Tony Horton's view. Experts recommend exercising between four and six days per week for a minimum of 30 minutes each day. If that seems unrealistic for you, start with shorter workout sessions, or work out fewer days. Every step you take and every minute you exercise will benefit your mind and body. Find an activity you enjoy. Yoga X (in P90X) and other mind-body exercises are great for people with depression because they work the body while focusing and calming the mind. You can also try playing sports, swimming, hiking, or going for a walk in pleasant surroundings. If you choose an activity that you look forward to, exercising won’t be a chore. One of my personal favorites is Turbo Jam! The high intensity music gets me on my feet, & ready to burn those unwanted calories! It's a great workout for the beginner, as there's 11 Elite moves that define the program. A mixture of kickboxing & football steps, & dance makes this workout a winner, for me. Once you’ve started an exercise routine, you've overcome a big hurdle. But you have to keep it up to maintain the benefits. Even when your depression symptoms are well-managed, Nelson says, a regular exercise routine will help keep depressive episodes at bay.

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