Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cardio ~ Does It Make You Feel Young?

As you approach middle age and beyond, you may start noticing that things don't always work the way they used to. Maybe you get tired more easily or you find it's harder to stand up after you've been sitting on the floor for a while. You may even start to feel the occasional ache or pain in well-used joints. Just because you're aging chronologically doesn't mean you need to put up with aging biologically.
Regular or moderate- to vigorous-cardiovascular exercise could delay biological aging. That means when you hit 50, you'll still feel like you're in your 30s. My husband Don is 54 and is working out with Insanity and runs daily. I am also 54 and people act surprised that I am in my 50s. I workout with Turbo Jam daily, and love it! We live extremely healthy lifestyles, I travel with Don 7-8 months of the year while he is on business trips.

When an individual ages, a natural decline in aerobic capacity begins to take place at the rate of approximately five ml/[kg*min] per decade. This basically means that if you were in great cardiovascular shape in your 20s, with an aerobic capacity of 50 ml/[kg*min], by your 60s your aerobic capacity would have dipped to 30 ml/[kg*min]. Likewise, if you were in average shape in your 20s with an aerobic capacity of 40 ml/[kg*min], by your 60s your aerobic capacity would have dipped to 20 ml/[kg*min].
What do all these numbers mean? Well, when your aerobic capacity dips to about 18 in men and 15 in women, regular daily activity becomes almost too hard to perform without experiencing extreme fatigue. According to researchers, relatively high-intensity aerobic exercise performed over a relatively long period of time can boost aerobic power by 25 percent, the equivalent of 10 to 12 biological years. Even if you've allowed yourself to live a fairly sedentary life, starting an exercise program can reverse some of the biological aging that has already taken place.
If you are looking to get healthy for you, or someone else, maybe your kids or grand kids, it isn't too late to get started. Always see your doctor first, and ease into the program.

The Results

Remember, a healthy approach to living is a journey. You need support, a good plan and program, and motivation. In order to improve your aerobic capacity, you have to challenge your heart and lungs. Just like you have to lift heavier weights in order to become stronger. If the thought of pushing yourself hard throughout your workout is enough to make you forget about starting, you can take a sigh of relief—pushing yourself hard throughout your workout is unnecessary.
What you need to focus on are activities that push you hard, then allow you to enjoy a period of rest. There are ways to modify in each program, and again support is absolutely necessary. You've probably heard about all the people that start the New Year out, wanting to get fit and healthy, join a gym, and stop a month or so into their routine. Fitness is a journey, that will change your life for the better, and others around you. Getting started, finding the support and motivation, staying connected is the key to keep moving! You will find all types of programs in my website, and I offer group and individual support to stay motivated!

Let's get moving together, Coach Darlene!

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