Friday, July 6, 2012


WOW! You can take the Team Beachbody Challenge Right Now, FOR FREE! A Free 30 day Trial, where you only pay the shipping, and if you are not satisfied you can send it back! Anyone want to try a Challenge Pack for FREE? All you need for a 30-day trial: a fitness program, Shakeology®, AND peer support. Just pay $14.95 s&h plus tax today and pay for the Pack after 30 days if you want to keep it. Let’s do this! Click the Icon Picture to the top right, you will see all the Challenge Packs that we offer! If you want to try one of the Challenge Packs for the 30 day Trial Offer, lasting only through July, Click the TRIAL OFFERS to the upper left of the Beachbody Challenge Pack Page! Yes, it is free to try for 30 days! CHECK OUT ALL THE PACKS, AND GET STARTED NOW! Join me on Facebook, and I WILL KEEP YOU MOTIVATED! What are you waiting for, get started now, push play, and LET's DO THIS!! Facebook page link to the right. As you get results, start sharing, become a Coach like me, and earn weekly pay checks for your effort!

Coach Darlene

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