Saturday, August 11, 2012

Being Patient with Your Health and Fitness Progress

I am a 54 year old female, my recent picture above. Do I want to look good? Yes. Do I want to look like I did in my twenties or even my thirties? Sure I do. (That is one of those miracles I pray for Here is the reality: I am never going to look that young again. No pill, potion, tanning spray, teeth whitener, plastic surgery or liposuctor is going to stop the natural process of aging. What we all need to remember (especially the women out there) is this: Healthy looking is attractive, young looking just shouldn’t matter because, truly, no one cares. The real goal is to be a terrific-looking man or woman….of precisely your age. Guess what? That you can do. You can achieve this with good ol’ fashion daily exercise and clean eating.
Picture of my dogs and me, heading out for a walk in Dallas, Tx in May of this year

Does it take time? Yes. Does it take patience? At our age, oh yes. But every day you pay attention to your health instead of your looks you will feel better about yourself. That slow, patient process will make you much more likely to keep the weight off for the long term and provide a quality of life that allows
you to do things you want well into your 80s.

My Husband Don, who is also 54 years old. He just recently ran a 6 minute plus pace for the 5K, and looking to drop in the 5 minute plus per mile soon. He has taken over 14 minutes off his 5K since completing Insanity and starting back with running again!

The quick fix is just that; quick. It doesn’t last. Did you know that only one in five people keep the weight off after having their stomach stapled? Why do we expect lifelong habits of poor eating and lack of exercise to change overnight? Why do we expect weight that we’ve been hanging onto for 10 years or more to come off in just a few weeks or 90 days?

I work out daily with Turbo Jam or Turbo Fire. We are on the road a lot, 10 months of the year, great program for the hotel room, or fitness room. This is in our loft at our home!

Most of Beachbody’s programs are 90 days long and many people who are very
overweight or obese expect to be ripped after only one round. What they don’t
realize is that these programs are designed not to just help you lose weight,
but change habits. They are the starting point to getting you on a plan of
daily, consistent healthy eating and exercise. Be patient, be consistent and both your body and your health with improve.

My 10 year old dog and my husband's running partner, on a 8 mile run in the snow, this past winter! Excercise is great for your best friend!

Lastly, having support is extremely important. With Team Beachbody, you get a free online website with support, tracking tools, are able to log your workout ($500-$1000 daily prizes for logging your workout). My brother-in-law won the first $500 giveaway this year!

I am a Coach, and I do this full-time. Would love to provide the added motivation and answer your questions. Don't wait another day, let's get started now!

Coach Darlene

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