Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Darlene Cook Helping Non Profit Groups To Raise Money ~ Find Out How?

Team Beachbody Coach Darlene Cook is looking to Partner with Non Profit Groups for FundRaising Events. We want to change the lifestyle in the United States and have initiated an "End The Trend", A Campaign to reverse the alarming increase of Obesity! This also includes Churches, interested in raising additional money to help fund activities, and looking to help get people fit and healthy!

Obesity is the root of many health issues including heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and others that adversely impact the lives of family friends, co-workers and ultimately the health care system. All the tools to begin on the road to better health are just a click away. Your nonprofit organization or group can benefit from this essential program. The best part is that your group can earn income while helping your members and community. What better way to promote wellness within the community. We have partnered with Team Beachbody, an extension of Beachbody. This is a comprehensive approach to better health.

Through exercise, nutrition, accountability, support, and a breakthrough new product called Shakeology, you can see results. Your support for better health in the community can set the standard for other Non Profit groups/organizations to take a stand to fight the obesity trend that is crippling our entire health care system. How different would your community be with healthier, happier people? We want to help your group take a stance against obesity, while assisting you with this fund raising opportunity. All qualified Non Profit groups can qualify for this exciting fund raising and life changing on-going event.

For more informtion contact Darlene Cook, at cincyfit88@aol.com or 513-748-3635.

About Beachbody the Company ~

Beachbody is growing extremely fast rate in the United States ~ at a rate of upwards to 70,000 new people per week! Why ~ Working hard to reverse the trends impacting so many people. The Presidential Let's Move Campaign is in full force and Team Beachbody as partnered with this effort!

This Opportunity is Free ~ ALL Fees Waived ~ For Qualified Non Profit Groups. Watch the Video to for additional info!

No product to buy or hold onto ~ This LONG TEAM FundRaising Effort continues to build funds year over year. Check out one of our Team Beachbody Non Profit Teams, Helping Urban Kids!

http:/www.teambeachbody.com/dcook or check out the rest of my website.

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