Friday, August 10, 2012


In addition to cooling us down, sweating is one of our bodies' natural means of eliminating toxins. So does this mean the more we sweat, the better we feel? Not necessarily, say most experts. Though fitness instructors may be raising thermostats in exercise classes across America, the latest trend of hot workouts appears to offer more risks than rewards. Warmer environments (say, between 75 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit) can help prevent injury (by increasing blood flow to muscles). But our hearts work in overdrive when we go hard in the heat. Plus, we lose key nutrients through excess sweat and up our chances of dehydration when working out in too-hot temps.

Unless you want to spend most of the day prepping for and recovering from fluid loss, think twice before heading to that hot workout class. Opt, instead, to enjoy the outdoors, on these beautiful sunny days. Go on a brisk walk, a scenic bike ride, or go workout at the park with your friends! On the latter, my husband & I have had many enjoyable moments working out at the park. We take our little TV,Tony Horton's P90X DVD, weights, matts, water bottles, (water bowls for our doogies), towels & Wow!! What awesome, inviting Workouts we have...Being outside, is being atuned to nature, breathing in the fresh air, with purpose & refreshment...Dogs alongside us(unleashed)! Now, that's family time!

Go enjoy some family time outside, while rejuvenating, as you "Bring It" with Tony Horton, or do some other fun & exciting sport! (On a sidenote, be sure to bring plenty of H20, for yourself, your friends, & Canine Companions)! And don't forget to drink your Shakeology, mine's Chocolate, after your workout. It's better than desert, & is so refreshingly healthy for your body....Packed full of nutrients, you will feel the energy!! SEE YOU AT THE PARK!!!

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