Friday, August 3, 2012

My Running Buddies

Prince enjoying a run in the snow!

Princie resting after a run, while my husband / me are working out with P90X

Princie, Coachie, and Aussie, all ready for a run in the park!
Coachie kicking back
Coachie is all excited about heading to the park for a run!!
Aussie and Princie at the Lake, loving the water and fun time! Aussie is a rescue dog, that lived years tied up in the back yard, now she is having a great time at 12 years old!
Princie and Coachie resting for the next big run! Aussie is sound asleep in the kitchen!

It is great to have friends, as with my three dogs, to keep me motivated to get out the door and keep moving. All three travel with my husband and me, as we are on the road more than at home. They love to travel, and are part of our family. My husband, Don, usually heads out the door for his run at 3:30AM, and I take them out throughout the day. At the end of the day, they are ready to catch some sleep. When we are staying at a hotel, the guests and hotel employees get to know them, and enjoy their company.

Healthy living tip, get a buddy to help you stay motivated, and stick with it!

Princie, Aussie, and Coachie are my buddies!

Coach Darlene

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