Saturday, June 22, 2013

Busy Day - How To Make Each Day Count Toward Your Fitness Goal?

You know that sitting too much can lead to serious health conditions, but when things get hectic you may think you don't have time to fit in a workout. If that's the case, here are ways to spend your next busy day burning calories.
Wake up with a 10-minute workout: Nothing saves time more than a workout at home, so start your day with a total-body 10-minute workout — you'll burn calories, raise your heartbeat, and tone all over before you even have to take a shower. You don't even have to spend time making up your own circuit; follow Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer. Everyone can wake up 15 minutes earlier, and spend 10 Minutes working out! While you're waiting: Waiting in line is inevitable, so don't let all that time go to waste. Do a few of these discreet toning moves to continue to whip your body into shape while you wait. Lunchtime workout: Your day may be packed, but sometimes that's just the time to duck into your gym for a quick walk or jog. A midday workout can re-energize and refocus your mind, making you more efficient at performing afternoon tasks (and possibly freeing up your time!). Take the dogs on an evening walk, add a block or two, bringing your daily step total upwards. It all adds up at the end of the day!
Relax and unwind: Keeping your muscles loose and flexible is key to an effective workout routine. Add a few of these sleep-inducing yoga poses before you go to bed in order to tone your muscles while relaxing your body and preparing yourself for bedtime. Check out some @Home Beachbody Yoga programs, that save you time with great results!

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