Friday, June 14, 2013

Germs At The Gym - Still Want To Go?


People go to the gym to gain muscle, improve endurance, and release some endorphins along the way. But with shared machines and locker rooms (not to mention some seriously sweaty bods), gyms can also be chock-full of germs.

Germs on the Run — The Need-to-Know!!!!!!

When it comes to public spaces, the chances of germs sneaking around are, well, inevitable— and the Gym is no exception! One study dug deeper and found rhinoviruses (the culprit behind the common cold) on 63 percent of gym equipment. Having second thoughts about lying down on the bench?) To make matters worse, researchers found that disinfecting equipment didn’t kill off all germs. And machines used by several people in quick succession, like cardio machines and free weights, may be the hardest to get squeaky clean.

One possible explanation? Cold and flu germs tend to stick around longer on hard surfaces than fabric and rugs, and can remain alive and well for up to 48 hours. (Anyone up for a home workout instead?)I recommend BEACHBODY CHALLENGE PACKS!!! They come with the Workout of your choice, like, Tony Horton's P90X; Chalene Johnson's Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire; Shaun T's Insanity; & so many more! Also, included in the Challenge Pack is HD (Home Direct) Shakeology!! Yummy, & so full of natural goodness!

Beyond the common cold, sweat and contact with open wounds can make athletes more susceptible to skin infections. The most infamous fitness bug is the staph bacterium MRSA, which can cause a nasty skin infection. Yet, this skin-scare may be exaggerated; one study couldn’t uncover MRSA in Gyms, suggesting this “super bug” is only passed skin-to-skin, not skin-to-treadmill, shoulder press, yoga mat, and so on.(So avoid hugging after your workout at the Gym!!) ***And, consider doing an at home workout!

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