Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Greenberry Shakeology just got a makeover!

When it comes to "greens" and "berries"—what's not to love? Well apparently, when blended in the way our original Greenberry was, it lacked a whole lot of smitten fans. So instead of coming up with a bunch of witty words and pretty pictures to convince you guys to drink it anyway, we went back to the drawing board (aka the Beachbody® R&D Lab) and completely reworked the formula. After all, Beachbody is ALL about transformations.

So what did we change?

Besides making the new Greenberry a million times fruitier and more refreshing, we added three new superfoods: Luo Han Guo, Moringa, and Himalayan Salt. Then we loaded it up with a ton of super-greens (it is Greenberry after all), bumped up its fiber with pea protein, and used even sweeter and zestier natural flavors which work more harmoniously with its bouquet of ingredients.

"Oh, Yum!" just found a bunch of new best friends.

To prove how delicious Greenberry 2.0 truly is, we conducted a taste test comprised of Coaches and current Greenberry and NON-Greenberry drinkers. Turns out, 4 out of 5 CURRENT Greenberry customers give this new formula two thumbs up (green thumbs, of course) and a majority of NON-Greenberry drinkers enjoyed it so much, we caught them sneaking samples out the door. SCORE!

And this is what the taste test panelists were saying:

"MUCH better than the original!"

"Puts the 'berry' in Greenberry."

"Great with just water and ice!"

"By far the best Shakeology yet. And for a person addicted to Tropical Strawberry vegan, that's a big thing."

The new Greenberry not only tastes better, it IS better.


Reduced calories from 140 to 130
Reduced sugars from 11 g to 6 g
Reduced total carbs from 19 g to 13 g
Increased protein from 16 g to 17 g
Increased fiber from 3 g to 4 g
The new Greenberry is available today.

For everyone already on Greenberry Shakeology® Home Direct Autoship, you don't need to do anything. You'll receive the new customer-approved, better-tasting Greenberry in your next shipment. And you'll know it's the new stuff because of the new imagery on the bag, showing delicious mouthwatering fruit and healthy greens.

If you're LOCKED IN to the old Greenberry price on your Home Direct order, fear not—you'll still receive this new and improved Greenberry at the original price of $119.95.

For those who love the original Greenberry, you can still get it for a VERY LIMITED TIME!

Simply go to the Shakeology store on and order yours now. Just make sure you scroll down toward the bottom of the page and order the "Original Greenberry Shakeology." But hurry, this offer is only available while supplies last!


Including facts about the new formula, how to ensure you receive it, modifications, tips, and more!

Q: How do I know if I have the new and improved Greenberry formula?

A: Look on the front of the bag or carton. Is there is delicious fruit and greens surrounding the Shakeology glass, then you're holding the new formula in your hands. If not, then you still have the old formula and the new formula will come in your next one to two shipments.

Q: Why did the Greenberry formula change?

A: We decided to upgrade the formula and bring it up to speed with the other Shakeology products. The original Greenberry launched 4 years ago and there have been a lot of superfood discoveries as well as improvements made in sourcing key ingredients. We wanted you to have the very latest and updated product. Based on customer and Coach feedback over the years, we also decided to give it a taste "makeover" as well.

Q: What's different in the new formula?


Reduced calories from 140 to 130 per serving
Reduced sugars from 11 g to 6 g per serving! (5 grams less than before!)
Reduced total carbs from 19 g to 13 g per serving
Increased protein from 16 g to 17 g per serving
Fiber increased from 3 g to 4 g per serving

More fiber is good news: It helps you feel full even longer, it's better for digestion, and can also help with cholesterol
Reduced fructose due to the addition of Luo Han Guo
We added Shakeology's newest superfoods: Luo Han Guo, Moringa, and Himalayan Salt

We increased the amount of super-greens (it is Greenberry after all!)
Green tea is no longer decaffeinated (thus, less "processed")
We incorporated the same improvements we recently made to Chocolate:
More concentrated grasses; we're using grass juice powders. The grasses are first pressed into juices—which allows us to concentrate the nutrients more—then the juice is dried down to a powder. (Before we were just grinding the grasses themselves into powders.)
Better strain of probiotics
No suma root or blue-green algae
Q: Can I order the new formula?

A: If you are on Home Direct, you will automatically get it in your next one to two shipments. If you order one bag at a time, all new and one-time purchases of Greenberry will automatically ship the new Greenberry formula beginning Monday, May 6. Just choose "Greenberry" on the dropdown menu per usual. If you are on Home Direct and previously locked in the original price of $119.95 before April 1, fear not—you'll still get Greenberry at the "locked in" price.

Q: Where can I see the ingredient panel for the new Greenberry Shakeology?

A: Glad you asked! Click here or scroll down to the bottom of the home page, there you'll see every formula's nutritional information as well as a link to other FAQ.

Q: What are people saying about this new formula?

A: The shake was unveiled for testing. And the overwhelming majority on the panel fell in love with the new, revised formula. Here's what some had to say:

"I love it! I would probably add it to my rotation to give it a change from the Chocolate."
"Awesome! Love the texture and the enhanced berry taste. By far my fave."
"I have never cared for the Greenberry flavor but I am very impressed with this one!"
Q: Can I still get the Original Greenberry Formula?

A: For those of you who loved the original Greenberry, you CAN still purchase it (24-count cartons only) for a limited time, while supplies last! Just go to the Shakeology Shop page on to place your order.

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