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How To Start A Business In Your Spare Time?

Business Opportunity Team Beachbody - What is this About?
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Some Questions you may have:

1. It is too costly to start a business!
2. Do I take the risk?
3. What if I try this, and I do not make anything?
4. I do not have time?
5. I am not a sales person?
6. I've tried many, have failed, and my family doesn't want me to do this again!

Before we answer the questions, let's take a look at reasons why 600,000 new businesses are founded each year, and why. Then we will examine the Team Beachbody Business! (Majority of small - extremely low cost biz start up ranges between $1000-$5000).

1. You Control Your Own Destiny

Many entrepreneurs consider themselves "Type-A" personalities, folks that like to take control and make decisions. In other words, owning a business saves them from having to work for anyone else. This might be overwhelming for some and one must know when and how best to delegate. However, when you are able to make your own decisions about how best to operate day-to-day, this leads to creating a culture, a brand and an organization."

2. You Can Find Your Own Work/Life Balance

One of the most oft-cited benefits of owning your own business is the flexibility that comes with it, whether that be working from wherever you want, setting your own hours, wearing a nightgown or even sitting next to your pet while you work. Just as important, entrepreneurs say that owning their own business lets them set their priorities.

3. You Choose the People You Work With

When you work for someone else, you rarely get to choose whom you work with. If you don't like your co-workers you'd better start sending our resumes. That's not the case when you own your own business, since you get to make the decisions. Surround yourself with positive people who give you the confidence and optimism you need to keep moving forward.

4. You Take on the Risk – And Reap the Rewards

There's no question that owning your own business is a risky proposition. But, with risk comes reward. Like every other great game, the more you play, the better you get, this is the same with owning your own business. You learn to recognize good opportunities from bad ones. You learn how to look like you are committed to new products, without actually financially committing to it until you have feedback and orders from your customers.

5. You Can Challenge Yourself

Some people thrive on the routine of their job – performing the same tasks day after day. As an entrepreneur, you can bet that each day will be filled with new opportunities to challenge yourself, be creative and learn something new.

6. You Can Follow Your Passion

Many entrepreneurs say the long hours they invest in growing their business doesn't feel like work because they're actually having fun in what they're doing.

7. You Can Get Things Done – Faster

Entrepreneurs as a whole seem to have an allergy to red tape. Rather than wait for approval – or for the guidebook to be written about how to do something – small business owners salivate at the chance to get things done. Never underestimate the ability to truly be proactive."

8. You Can Connect With Your Clients

There are few things that get entrepreneurs as excited as when they get to interact with their customers. Rather than hiding behind a series of automated greetings, small business owners thrive on dealing one-on-one with their best clients – or making the decision to get rid of those customers they don't like.
9. You Can Give Back to Your Community

Many entrepreneurs love the idea that in building their business, they can give back to the community or communities they operate in the form of the products and services they offer, by helping charities and especially the ability to create opportunity for others, which is particularly important these days.
10. You Feel Pride in Building Something of Your Own

This is probably one of the top reasones, and one of the biggest differences in owning your own company as opposed to working for someone else - Sense of Pride you establish in building something of your own!
Good Points, but what about the questions above about the Team Beachbody Opportunity and what is this opportunity?
1. Question- It is too Costly to start a business! Answer- Team Beachbody starter kit is $24, with a $14.95 website fee. If I cannot afford this, can I eliminate anything from my daily budget. Majority of us have cable, how important is Cable for the next six months? How neat would it be, if I can start my own business, and start paying my car payment with cable forward? .
2. Question- Do I take the Risk with Team Beachbody? Answer- There isn't any risk, there is 100% full refund within 30 days, if you find this isn't for you! . . 3. Question- What if I try this and do not make anything? Answer- Team Beachbody is a Team of Coaches, with support of Corporate Beachbody spending 120 Million a year promoting products. Simple and duplicated process to follow, that requires little time. If you do not make anything with Beachbody, and are not profitiable quickly, this is usually due to lack of following the simple plan daily. Again, the No Risk Factor is there, and zero impact to the dollar if you want a refund - SIMPLE! .
4. Question- I do not have time? Answer- We have time! Take this simple test, and apply it to one day of your time. Write down the time you spend on each of your daily tasks completed from the time you rise until going to sleep. Go through each task, and eliminate anything that you can pull out. You may be in for a surprise! . Example- I watch TV daily for 1 hour a day, can I eliminate? During my daily activities, how many people do I touch, stand with in the Grocery Line, at my kids sports events, social activities. With Beachbody, it is sharing vs., selling, so how many people can I really touch without adding time, probably in the 100s or 1000s! .
5. Question- I am not a sales person? Answer- Neither am I, I've tried many business ventures, that I had to sell product, didn't make a dime. Beachbody does the selling, I only have to have fun sharing! .
6. Question- Help me! My family doesn't want another business venture by me! Answer- No Risk, except for making money, and getting fit and healthy along the way. Remember the money back within 30 days! Today, with an extremely tough Economy, high unemployment, for many this risk comes at what seems a bad time. Not only is this incorrect, there isn't a better time! By building a business in your spare time, you are slowly bringing forth additional income. You can pay off credit cards, car loans, and add some back-up Cash for tough times. . Fitness and Nutrition is a key factor in everyone's life, and NOW America is in another crises called Obesity -- which is crippling the Health Care System. Team Beachbody business is a lifestyle change, and if you make this change- you, your family, and others you touch will be happy you did so! . Coaches Speaking about the Opportunity: . If you took the first Step - You are now a Coach!! Join The Fun! . The risk is free, and taking a step forward in faith is only up to you. We did, my husband Don and I. As I write these final words I get emotional. We started this business in January of 2010. At the time, my husband was unemployeed, and I thought that teaching would be my job for a long time forward. I had high blood pressure, Don the same. We took a big chance, as we bought every program, all the nutritional products, with money we earned in the early days of Beachbody. My husband had to walk to the Library, as we had no computer, and only one car during the winter months. After 4 months into this, I was able to retired early. Life is about change, taking chances, if you really want to step forward. If not, you will be stuck in the day to day lives the majority faces. Our future is so promising, Thanks to Team Beachbody! Thank You for visiting my blog, and join us! We have met so many good people, and would love to pay it forward. Check out our personal videos, and my Website. Would love to have you on board! . Why not, what risk do you face? .
Coach Darlene

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