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Is The Pace Of The Leader The Pace Of The Pack?

We still have a long ways to go with our online and local sharing of the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity, but wanted to share some recent success with the Team. We've seen our Team grow by 23% in just 49 Days! Although we have many goals, we want to "End the Trend" of Obesity in the USA ~ World, and drive hard to find as many people possible to help us ~ while living a healthy lifestyle. To get there, we are all in! Whatever it takes to change lives, but the question is; How do you find people who want to do the same? Here is what we've found out so far, and it is a simple approach!

First ~ Is following the Team Beachbody Game Plan's number one Success item ~ Be a product of the product! Getting fit and healthy takes work, there isn't a pill. When you get there it is a lifesytle change, but the distractions of life pull you in many directions. Staying there takes motivation, by paying it forward, we are building a Team of Coaches helping to keep us motivated and finding others who we can pay it forward with. Darlene and I love to help people, and watch individuals grow with success in fitness and health, and great to see the same with TBB Business.

It is so much fun to hear the excitement of a Coach making Emerald, starting the Beachbody Lead program, bringing on a New Coach, dropping 10, 20, 30 pounds, and seeing success. This is what Beachbody is about ~ finding people, sharing, building a relationship, paying it forward, and growing with others. We have groups of Coaches in 29 States now, and looking forward in having people from all 50 States and into other Countries on our Team. New friends, people helping others, paying it forward to "End the Trend", and seeing their lives change.

Sharing with others is the number one way to find people looking to change their lives and help others do the same! Beachbody does the work for us in promoting the products, we just have to SHARE!

Question ~ where do you find these people?

Answer ~

1. Locally ~ at the bank, grocery store, friends & family, sporting events (In Southern Ohio area alone, we have 2.7 million people)

2. Online
~ To find people across the USA consistently, you need to be online. When the opportunity moves Global, we are now on equal playing field in finding people. This opportunity has opened the door up to connect with people around the World, and is an exciting waive of the future!

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Locally, we've already stated, it is just a matter of sharing all over the community, as if it is second nature. Everyone has time for this. Look at the amount of time you are waiting in line somewhere. Just takes stepping out of your comfort zone to SHARE!

Question ~ How do I go about sharing online?

Answer ~ In order to build relationships online, effective utilization of blogs, YouTube, and sharing is key. We utilize 100s of sites, leading people to our blog, and our personal website. We are in the process of setting up YouTube, and are just getting started with online recruiting. Our goal isn't to spend any money, although we may have paid out about $150 trying small things that didn't work.

Here is what we are doing, and driving strong traffic to our blog and website, then connecting with us (about 2,000 people per week visit our website and blog).

1. Effective utilization of Search Engine Optimization is Key. We are seeing hits from all around the World, and are actually working with USA citizens living in Japan, Mexico, and other Countries. We have just dived into this work, and in gaining experience, hoping to see increased activity as we learn.

2. In posting ads and Email, You want to be original with your ad. Leading people to your site with high credibility of YOU ~ Real People ~ Real Company ~ Real Opportunity Works. When we send the individual information about us via EMAIL, we include our Personal Website, Blog, Cincy Fit Club Website, and Linkedin for Professional info Linkedin provides our work experience and increased creditability due to the nbr of recommendations. I have close to 50 professional people, from Europe and USA ~ CEOs to friends providing strong recommendations. This all adds up to credibility, and this is real as with Team Beachbody.

SAMPLE AD Title ~ Pictures Work Great To Bring People In To Review

3. Search Engine Optimization- I did research for keywords that were going to be easily attainable for high rankings and traffic and then set out to write longtail keywords. Search engines account for over 77% of the traffic that come into our blogsite Healthy Living Don and Darlene Cook ~ leading to our Beachbody sites. On the other hand, Twitter & Facebook only account for just over 1.5% of the traffic. Utilized Free Key Word sites to rank Key words that would push blogs, website, or post higher in the search engines. We focus more so on Recruiting vs., selling product, building TEAMS vs., retail. Then working with our Coaches to gain Emerald Status for the Customer Lead program. In the business sense of Beachbody ~ Residual income will net the long-term gains vs., retail.

4. Establishing Yourself as an Authority- With the increasing amount of exposure the Internet provides for businesses & online marketing, there are more & more competitors that try to gain business via the Internet. The one thing that will bring them back to your site & sharing it with their friends is if you give them more credible information on the subject they are interested in. While many fear that if they share too much information, they are giving it away. Businesses fear that the consumer will not contact them if they share too much. The reality of the situation is that being an authority builds a layer of trust with the client that makes them decide to work with you over your competition. This is why we add Linkedin to our professional follow-up via email. We have brought on at least 10 coaches, due to others telling them about us, and then joining our Team.

5. Sharing Your Experience- Sharing that knowledge gives you an increased level of credibility that will drive that person to work with you. Also, even though you have shared how to accomplish something in detail, people will still call on you for your professional experience. Remember, we are the professionals that work in the industry daily. The more you share in blogs, online sites, everywhere on the internet about our experiences, the higher the trafic is on our site. We utilize hootsuite to generate 100s of quick pushes to the many sites in minutes, and shares with 100s, if not, 1000s of people daily.

6. Consistency & Regular Updates- If people know that they can find your content on a regular basis, they will come back to read regularly because they are always met with new content. Updating your blog or website consistently, will provide increased traffic, and in Search Engines show higher results.

7. Relate - One of the biggest mistakes I see people make in writing blog posts is that they do not try to connect with the individual. They write using the terms of their industry or the way they would talk when trying to sell something. Readers of your blog do not like being sold to! Instead of trying to sell, try to connect, it will be much more profitable to your blog. If people feel it is nothing more than one GIANT ad, they will run for another source never to return to your blog. The other suggestion is to mix it up with real life connecting with people about the products.
8. This is the most important ~ Finding their WHY, after they find you, then helping anyone that wants to walk with the opportunity walk, if they want to run, run with them! Find their WHY, Focus on this individually, and the motivational will be there based on the importance of their WHY.

THE PACE OF THE LEADER IS THE PACE OF THE PACK! Stand Still ~ Walk ~ Run ~ Results will be equal to Effort! If you want to run ~ we will pull you along!


Don and Darlene Cook
Healthy Living

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