Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shakeology - Why Everyone Should Be Drinking This Shake?

Is Shakeology a luxury or a necessity? I sometimes hear that people think Shakeology is a luxury item and therefore, too expensive to purchase. It makes me wonder if that really is the case? Or should one think outside the box? Let’s take a look.

The cost of Shakeology on home direct (you get free shipping) is $119.99 plus tax. A one-month supply breaks down to around $4/serving. When you are using it as a meal replacement to lose weight that means that your meal costs $4. Ok, so let’s look at that number.

What does it cost to eat at a restaurant and at home? A fast food meal on average is $5…more if super-sized. A meal in a sit-down restaurant is on average of $10 or higher. A home-cooked meal is typically around $4/serving when you have a meat, veggie, and carb. Ok…sooooo a home-cooked meal may rival Shakeology regarding cost, but is that truly accurate?

Here is what you’d have to eat to get the same nutrition in a glass of Shakeology:
■4 cups raw broccoli ($3.94)
■7 whole carrots ($1.99)
■10 cups raw cauliflower ($4.30)
■3 cups romaine lettuce ($1.99)
■4 cups uncooked mushrooms ($8.97)
■3 raw onions ($2.91)
■1 cup peas ($1.09)
■4 cups red radishes ($5.16)
■4 cups non-fat yogurt ($3.49)
■1 bowl exotic fruit, including gochi berry and acai berry ($4.40)
■1 shot wheat grass ($1.95)

Total $41.19

Multiply that by 30 servings and you are getting $1235.70 worth of food for only $119.95. I’m willing to bet anyone, hands down, that Shakeology beats the fast food, restaurant, or home-cooked meal nutritionally by a landslide.

And what about calories?

Shakeology is 140 cal/serving, plus whatever you add to your shake. A fast food or restaurant meal is 400 cal or more…and I’m being very kind. When you are on a weight-loss plan, this is a major component to take into consideration.

I promise that I’m not trying to talk you into using Shakeology (although I do think it’s the best food item since sliced bread.) I am, however, challenging you to think outside the box when it comes to limiting beliefs about the cost of it. It IS affordable. You would take $120 of your monthly food allowance and direct it to Shakeology. The nutritional benefits that you would receive, in return, would be worth its weight in gold.

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You are worth it. Get past the thinking that you aren’t. Think outside the box. I dare you.

A Toast to Your Health,
Coach Darlene

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