Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Soil Lacks Nutrients - Why Is This Impacting Your Health?

Animal health [and human health] is largely dependent upon soil health even when they are allowed to eat their natural diet, mainly green plants. A diet that forces the animal or human to eat more carbohydrates to obtain the required protein and minerals is a fattening diet. We may worry about what fattening foods we eat, but we never worry about the fact that the same food may be more or less fattening depending on the soil fertility and the fertilizers used in the crop's production.
Most of our food is grown on soil which is sadly depleted of it life-giving nutrients. THE data available on the subject of soil depletion and animal deterioration are so voluminous that it would require a volume to present them adequately. When we realize the quantities of many of the minerals which must enter into the composition of the bodies of human beings and other animals, we appreciate the difficulty of providing in pasture and agricultural soils a concentration of these minerals sufficient to supply the needs for plant growth and food production.
In correspondence with government officials in practically every state of the United States I find that during the last fifty years there has been a reduction in capacity of the soil for productivity in many districts, amounting to from 25 to 50 percent. Not only is the soil itself depleted of nutrients but also many toxic chemicals are use to fight off predators, insects and disease, particularly by factory farms. These are done to save time and money, but they have absolutely no benefit to animal, plant or human health. In fact, the reverse is true. In years ahead, as more chemicals and unnatural products are utilized in the soil, we add more chemicals to our bodies, and lower nutrient value. Scary to think about this, but there is a solution!
During the time when the cultivation of our animal foods has been transferred from farms to factories, the incidence of chronic disease has risen precipitously. Cancer and heart disease were rare 100 years ago and today allergies and autoimmune problems make life miserable for millions of people. Can the trend towards confinement feeding be cited as a cause for the upsurge in these diseases?
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