Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Take The Challenge! Walk and Talk!

***Walk while you make a phone call, have a personal conversation, or hold a meeting! How to do it Whether you have a personal phone call to make today, a face-to-face discussion you're planning, or an informal meeting at work, make it a "go" by walking while you do it. You can walk around the block, go up and down the stairs of your house, or do laps around the floor of your office - just as long as you're moving. Why it matters Standing up gives your back a much-needed rest from sitting, walking strengthens your leg and core muscles, and movement of any sort burns energy. But there's an added benefit to talking while on the go: Studies show that physical activity flushes stress hormones out of the brain, which allows for higher cognitive functions like creativity and problem-solving. So, your brain gets a boost while you burn energy

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