Friday, July 5, 2013

Can You Get Fit With The 10 Minute Trainer?

beachbody Coach What is it?

10-Minute Trainer® is a time-saving fitness program that lets you build a lean, toned body in as little as 10 minutes a day. Tony Horton’s super-efficient workouts combine full-body sculpting with fat-burning cardio, so not a second is wasted. You can lose weight, get fit, and still have plenty of time left over for the rest of life’s demands.

Why is it so effective?

Tony Horton’s Super Stacking Technique™ is like multitasking for your muscles. Instead of starting with cardio and then working different body parts one at a time (as with most workout programs), you’ll get fat-burning cardio, total-body toning with resistance bands, and core-flattening ab work stacked together. You can do one 10-minute workout each day, or combine two or three workouts for faster results. And you’ll also get a nutrition plan with quick-to-prepare meals that make fat loss even easier.

Celebrity trainer Tony Horton

After working out with champion bodybuilders, Tony adapted their fitness secrets into exercises anyone could do to get a lean, defined body—without the bulk.

He took this knowledge out of the gym and developed it into the nation’s top-selling home fitness programs. A master instructor and motivator, he’ll demonstrate exactly what to do during each workout, and keep you inspired so you’ll want to do them every day.

How does Tony’s Super Stacking Technique work?

With a traditional fitness plan, you do cardio, upper-body resistance training, lower-body resistance training, and ab work separately, so workouts take a long time. But 10-Minute Trainer stacks cardio, toning with resistance bands, and ab sculpting together. As a result, you get fast, highly efficient workout sessions that allow you to condition your entire body in minutes from start to finish.

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beachbody Coach

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Retail price: $79.90
Club price: $71.91
Coach price: $59.93

Beachbody provides all the tools you need to get your customers hooked on 10-Minute Trainer:
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