Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Save $90 T25 Fitness of The FUTURE! (From Insanity Star Shaun T)

T25 Challenge Pack

Item #: BCPT25205

You save over $90 with this pack compared to buying each item separately.

Offer expires August 31, 2013.

Get an hour's results in 25 minutes a day! Trainer Shaun T gives you everything you need, nothing you don't. 25 minutes. 5 days a week. 100% results.

Your Challenge Pack also includes:

Your first 30-day supply of Shakeology®—the superfood shake that helps give you energy, reduce cravings, and accelerate your fitness results‡—delivered on Home Direct, our monthly autoship program.*

A FREE 30-day trial membership in the Team Beachbody® Club, where you'll find all the support you'll need to complete your Challenge.**†

Plus FREE standard shipping!


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