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Craig Holiday 90 Day Leadership -

To lead we must truly understand how people feel, how they think, and who they really are. If you want to become a leader in this business you have to become what Craig calls, A People Expert. We have to understand other people and that can be a hard for a lot of us because many of us look in the mirror and don’t even understand ourselves. So we wonder how we are going to be able to understand other people. There is some skill to learn in this. The important thing to know is that people are drawn into this business because of YOU. 90 Days to Excellence Glue that Holds this Business Together
Craig Holiday tells a story about a couple of riders that are going into a town and they talk to an old guy before they go in and the first rider says to the old man. “What do you think about this town?” The old man tells him it’s a difficult place to live and people don’t get along very well and it’s not really a place you would want to be. The Rider rode into town and that’s exactly what he saw. The next rider came up and said, “What do you think about that town?” The old man told him that it’s a gorgeous town and you’ll love every minute of it and you’ll love the people you meet there. When the rider rode into that town that is exactly what he found.
Who we are to people will be their reflection of themselves. Our ability to grow our business will be according to our ability to relate to people.lion mirror 90 Days to Excellence Glue that Holds this Business Together

It starts with us.

Until we can put the past behind us we can’t move forward. We need to get to a point where we can glance over our shoulder and really see how far we have come. This is why we do Personal Development and work on overcoming things of our past. It will be your dream and the WHY of your life that’s going to get you through the obstacles in this life. We as leaders get to help people see where they will be in the future and not where they are today. That is a gift we give to people. Once we begin to do this for others our business will really begin to grow.12 Classic Personal Development Books 150x150 90 Days to Excellence Glue that Holds this Business Together

1.) People like to feel special- You need to sincerely compliment them. You become a light in their lives with your compassion and your ability to take them to the next level in their lives whether it’s physically, emotionally, or spiritually. We are not talking about flattery but true compliments of what they have achieved.

2.) People want a better tomorrow- We need to show them hope. For the glue of the business we need to live that life. The hope of our downline comes from them seeing us succeeding, the life we are living, and that we are different. They need to see you come from nothing and arrive to success. They will have the hope and dream that if YOU can do it, so can they. Our goal is show them hope and show them the way.

3.) People desire direction- You need to navigate people and be strong with them. Everybody wants somebody to guide them and to lead them. Use the Game Plan and navigate your people on where to go and how to get there.

4.) People are selfish- People want to deal with their needs first. They have their own dreams and goals so when you sit down with them don’t talk about your success and your dreams. This is about their life. You will never grow the glue in this business if you are constantly talking about what you have achieved. Be quiet and lead by example. Lead by advancing rank every 90 days.

5.) We are all emotional beings- People need encouragement. You will be more successful than you ever imagined when you become the greatest encourager of people. People are shrinking and wilting from lack of encouragement. Every opportunity you have is a chance for you to encourage them. When you walk in a room you high five people and pat them on the back and tell them how good they are doing. Encourage them.

6.) If you want success, then help them to win- In order for us to help them win we have to be succeeding ourselves. Once we are winning we can then teach them to win. Words are meaningless; we need to lead by example. Don’t call yourself a leader if you are not an example everyday of what it means to succeed everyday moving forward and growing your business.

7.) You must adopt Leadership style to the person you are leading- If you do not know the people on your team then you do not know how to lead them. You need to understand their social style so that you know how to lead them.

Here are the 4 social styles taught in Personality Plus

a. Choleric- You need to challenge them- You need to teach them to listen. You need to understand they are a RHINO.

90 Days to Excellence Glue that Holds this Business Together
b. Phlegmatic- They are like a turtle. They don’t need to be challenged. They need to be encouraged. They move slowly. They fear change and fear people.90 Days to Excellence Glue that Holds this Business Together
c. Sanguine- They are like a monkey. They need to constantly be complimented. They lack organization and follow through. You need to understand this so you know how to navigate them. monkey 90 Days to Excellence Glue that Holds this Business Together
d. Melancholy- They need exact direction and a plan. They are like an owl. They are very strategic and have everything planned out. They need exact direction. They want you to tell them exactly what they need to do and they get excited. 90 Days to Excellence Glue that Holds this Business Together
Your business will grow because of the relationships that you build. You will have people that will stand beside you for the long haul because this is their sweet spot. They are there because you were the encourager and you spoke truth into their lives.
You are the CEO of your company.

Here are 5 things to do to make sure you build a huge organization that will be here for years to follow.

1.) Listen more than you talk.

2.) Care more than you instruct.

3.) Give truth more than you give flattery.

4.) Give more than you take.

5.) Know your limits, know when to turn away. (Work with the willing)

If we can learn to be people experts and take our eyes off of ourselves and be willing to go out and give our lives away. You will go to bed every day with your tank empty because you given everything you could that day. When you become that type of leader to where you give more than you take you will grow the glue in this business. The greatest thing you will have will not be the money but the relationships. The glue in this business is you. Sit down and reflect about your life and how you can go out and serve others.

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