Thursday, May 21, 2015

Does Shakeology work?

Make at least one of your daily meals full with nutrients and

Start getting your weight in order without starvation...

Do you often skip breakfast in your weigh-loss process?

It most certainly exhausts you, causes you energy level fall and maybe jitters. And the result of that?
Overeating for the next meal.
This leads to nutrient imbalance in your body. Thus, your body begins to store fat everywhere. That way you can endanger your health, too.

The first step to stop this is not to avoid your first meal of the day - breakfast, and make it nutritious, low-calorie and rich in vitamins and minerals.

For this purpose Beachbody has created Shakeology which is a quality replacement for any meal of the day, especially for breakfast.

With Shakeology you will get a light, rich with vitamins, full with minerals meal, necessary in your weight-loss process.

You certainly don't want to have your body exhausted during your transformation process, right?

The instant powder in the form of a beverage, will
instantly help you to replace high calorie meal and keep the rhythm of food intake. Do not skip any meal and make an intake of all the necessary nutrients, by drinking Shakeology daily.

In order to start your weight-loss process you must be in negative.

What does it mean?

It means that you have to spend more energy than it is produced during food oxidation in the cells. Of course, this is very logical. 
So, you should, of course, do some exercises. There are plenty Fitness programs that Beachbody offers, why don't you choose one?

Choose your Fitness program

Shakeology has all the necessary features for a quality start of the day, without entering the excess sugars and fats:

  • low in calories - only 200kcal per meal
  • carbohydrates needed to give energy to the body
  • rich in vitamins and minerals - needed to maintain immunity and proper body growth and development
  • comprising recommended daily amount of fiber - required to maintain proper function of the digestive system
  • proteins that play a role in building healthy muscle mass

What are Shakeology's Ingredients?

  • Isolated whey protein, an easily absorbable source of high-quality protein
    • ideal for building and maintaining muscle mass
  • Phytonutrients, including flavonoids, polyphenols, anthocyanins, and catechins
    • antioxidant properties, which in short is getting rid of molecules known as free radicals, improving the immune system
  • Prebiotics
    • support the “friendly” bacteria that help the digestive track
  • Digestive Enzymes
    •  improving absorption of nutrients
  • 23 vitamins and minerals

And, finally: Does Shakeology work?

Based on the ingredients and my personal experience with Shakeology, I say: Yes It does work!

It has helped me stay fit and healthy while doing Beachbody Fitness programs and it has increased my energy levels and made my skin and hair smoother and shiny.

However, you can make your own conclusions after you read some of Shakeology Reviews:

I’ve been taking Shakeology for somewhat over two weeks, and judging on the energy I have I can say that some rise is apparent. Though I measure things in terms of how tired I am after doing The Insanity Workout, the fitness program, that is, and having enough energy to do that and still feel good is a great indicator of the boost Shakeology provides.

Shakeology keeps my cholesterol in the 150 range…incredible product! 
~David Gardner

My husband and I have been drinking Shakeology since April of this year. We've seen very good results, from energy increase to weight loss. It is so hard to get the proper nutrients daily, almost impossible, so we tend to overeat. With Shakeology, our daily calories have decreased, and we just feel better. In our last 5K race, my husband took over 2 minutes his best time since turning 70, he will be 78 in December. 
~My mother-in-law, Carolyn Cook

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