Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Experience my story in person: Join our meetup "I can, I will"

As part of being a Beachbody coach my job is to motivate and help others live healthier and happier. 

I can motivate you online, but the best motivation you will get from me in person. That is why my husband and I started organizing Fit Clubs and meetings. 

We started holding weekly meetings in Cincinnati to bring in existing coaches, and to find new ones.

We hosted Super Saturdays in Cincinnati. We set up booths at health fairs & festivals to get the word out that Beachbody's products really do work, and if you use them consistently, they will change your life for the better. 

I Can ~ I Will Motivational Session and a Beachbody Workout

We have started Series "I Can, I Will" by Joel Osteen, an 8 week study for self-development, utilizing God's plan for us to Grow.

It is a session that starts at 7PM and it is followed by a group Beachbody workout.

Join us for a dynamic learning session, and a Healthy Beachbody Exercise workout for your body! Whatever the fitness level, you are welcome to come.

If you are already a Coach or Beachbody Customer, you are still Welcome to join us -- bring a guest(s)!

If you aren't a Beachbody Member you can come to learn more and get familiar with Beachbody and their Fitness programs, or if you already know about Beachbody you can Become a member.

You can choose where to start!

Without support and motivation, bad habits or negatives start to clog your life, and you get stuck in a rut. This may be lacking time, or so to think this is the case, having clutter get in the way, so many people get pulled to the negative habits, and very few find the positive habits. Statistics show that 90% of individuals joining a gym quit, and 95% of people who try to start a new business, gives up in the first year. Many are living pay check to pay check, with debt hanging over them holding them back.

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Learn how to move from the Negative Habits that clog up your life to the Positive Habits that brings you Success and Growth.

Dream Big - and Changing your Habits to the Positive is the theme of this class and workout.

Get motivated, stay motivated, learn positive habits, and let's do this!

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