Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Weight lifting for all your body well-being as part of P90X

My shining face after the first round of P90X :)

I love P90X, and the last time I completed a round, I really looked good. The last round of P90X, I felt better, toned up, and had a lot more energy. Even my face looked better 90 days later.

My husband and I are starting round one P90X today -- looking forward to this, and feeling great about the change. First, my new before picture to start the journey.

Are you a middle-aged woman trying to stay in shape?

If so, you certainly have tried aerobics, running and yoga or maybe some light fitness program. But, are you doing enough?

Many of you may think that losing weight and staying in shape is only doing aerobic exercises. They definitely are important, but you are missing one part for your optimal fitness.

You should add weight training to your workouts, too.

Do you know what weight lifting can do for your health?

If you don't, there is a good article on Beachbody's blog about why women should lift weights. I advice you read it, you can find if you click on the image below:

10 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

From my personal experience, as I have finished already one round of P90X, I may say that as a middle aged woman the weight training part from the program has helped me
  • Boost my metabolism, burn more calories and tone up faster then when just jogging
  • Strengthen my bones and stop my constant wrinkle injuries
  • Improve my heart health, and get my cholesterol levels down

The great thing about the Beachbody workouts is that they are perfectly balanced to support every well-being of your body. They combine cardio exercises with weight training to help you achieve your good shape and health.

Why don't you give P90X a try?

For now, the P90X helped me and my husband the most, as we followed Beachbody's advice for combining Running and P90X. You can find them here.

You may say "It will be hard, it's not for me.". But, it is flexible, so you can start at different levels and work your way up.

If you're pretty fit and are ready to put in the effort, you can definitely do P90X.

If you haven't worked out in a while or aren't sure you're ready, you can take  P90X Fit Test. (Of course, you should consult your doctor and read all safety instructions before beginning any fitness program.)

What if I want a less strenuous program?

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If you decide you're not quite ready to take P90X, but still want to get in amazing shape fast, I recommend starting with P90®.
This program is strong on effectiveness without being extreme and the perfect way to get ready for P90X.

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